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"With preposition examples" in a sentence

Feb. 25, 2022, 12:57 p.m.

"With preposition examples" in a sentence. With definition: accompanied by or accompanying. Also make in some particular relation to (especially implying interaction, company, association, conjunction, or connection). Here you will see a lot of examples of "with" prepositions.

With preposition examples

You ordered a cake with a soft drink. She was with her brother when she saw me. He has been working with a farmer in the field. The technician will be with you in the factory.

I saw a cricket player with brown eyes. He is the one talking with an accent? Do you know, People with a lot of money are not always happy.

Jemmy wrote a poem with the pen you gave him. This is the cake that Alisha made with Sugar and barley. Barbar cut my hair with his blunt scissors.

I am eating rice with beef and vegetable. The new singer Jordan came to the stage with high confidence.

Are you with this guy? Yes, I am complete with you about this matter. Sara agrees with me after a long time.

Cut the watermelon with a sharp knife. The pant was stuffed with colorful clothes. Sprinkle the dish with salt.

To fight with the friends. To play cricket with the pure batsman. He had an argument with his wife.

Be careful with the fire. Are you pleased with the game? Don't be angry with your boss about the work.

The teacher behaved with great dignity in the classroom. Do not sleep with the window open. Let's celebrate the result with sampan.

Hafsa must be able to help us with all the family commitments she has. It's a much easier game compared with the last match.

The dinner with mutton came to $20 each. With all the lesson preparation students have to do 12 hours a day.

A failure one meets with adds to your experience. Down with him. No way is long with the company.

Tahasan may dig a grave with a Digging Hoe. Poverty comes men with strange bedfellows. A bad technician quarrels with his tools.

He kills a dove with the stone. Rashid Khan plays with fearless cricket. Mustafizur is a better bowler than engaging with two spinners. You catch more fish with hooks from the river.


That is all at this moment. You can make more sentences by the "with preposition". We have given some examples with prepositions in this article. Hope that it will help you to learn.