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Which Preposition to use after Nouns in English Grammar

Feb. 16, 2022, 2:41 p.m.

In reading and writing many times you have to use Preposition. So make correct form of Preposition in sentence right after Nouns. We will give some example here.  This post will give you answer of which preposition to use after nouns in English Grammar?  Or How to Use Prepositions with Nouns in English?

Which preposition to use after nouns in English Grammar?

1. নিচের Noun গুলির পর Preposition “For” বসে:

Affection, ambition, anxiety, apology, appetite, aptitute, blame, candidate, capacity, compassion, compensation, contempt, craving, desire, esteem, fitness, fondness, guarantee, leisure, liking, match, motive, need, opportunity, partiality, passion, pity, prediction, pretext, relish, remorse, reputation, surety.

Example: She has great fondness for classical music.

2. নিচের Noun গুলির পর Preposition “With” বসে:

Acquaintance, alliance, bargain, comparison, conformity, enmity,

intercourse, intimacy, relations.

3. নিচের Noun গুলির পর Preposition “of” বসে:    

Abhorrence, assurance, charge, distrust, doubt, experience, failure, observance, proof, result, want.

Example: An honest man has on distrust of anyone.


4.নিচের Noun গুলির পর Preposition “to” বসে:

Access, accession, allegiance, alternative, antidote, antipathy, approach,assent, attachment, attention, concession, disgrace, dislike,encouragement, enmity, exception, incentive, indifference, invitation, key, leniency, likeness, limit, menac, obedience, objection, obstruction, opposition, postscript, preface, reference, repugnance, resemblance, sequel, submission, succession, supplement, temptation, traitor.

5. নিচের Noun গুলির পর Preposition “From” বসে:

Destinance, cesstion, deliverance, descent, disgression, scope, exemption, inference, respite.

৬. নিচের Noun গুলির পর Preposition “to” বসে:

Abhorrent, acceptable, accessible, accustomed, addicated, adequate, adjacent, affectionate, agreeable, akin, alien, alive, amenable, analogous, applicable, appropriate, beneficial, callous, common, comparable, condemned, conducive, conformation, congenial, fatal, consecreated, contrary, creditable, deaf, derogatory, detrimental, devoted, disastrous, due, entitled, equal, essential, exposed, faithful, foreign, hostile, indispensable, indulgent, inimical, insensible, inured, irrelevant, favourable, hurtful, immaterial, impervious, indigenous, lost, loyal, material, natural, necessary, obedient, obliged, offensive, opposite, painful, partical, peculiar, pertinent, pledged, preferable, prejudical, prior, profitable, prone, reduced, related, relevant, repugnant, responsible, restricted sacred, sensitive, serviceable, subject, suitable, suited, supplementary, tantamount. 

Example :

  • He is accessible to all.
  • His house is adjacent to mine.
  • You not amenable to reason.
  • Milk is preferable to coffee.
  • Prior to the discovery of fire, our ancestors used to eat uncooked food.
  • Prior to the discovery of insulin, it was not possible to treat diabetes.
  • Will this office be adequate to your needs?