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What does ctia stand for?

June 16, 2022, 12:18 p.m.

What does ctia stand for?

CTIA is originally known as the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association until 2004, and later the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association. The organization has since operated under its initialism only, subtitled as CTIA – The Wireless Association until 2015.

What does ctia stand for?

CTIA: Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association

CTIA: Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association

CTIA: Canberra Taxi Industry Association

CTIA: Cape Town International Airport

CTIA: Certified Transportation Instructors Association

CTIA: Color Television Interface Adaptor

CTIA: Computer Technology Industry Association

CTIA: Computing Technology Industry Association

Established: 1984
Headquarters: 1400 16th Street, NW, Suite 600
Location: Washington, D.C., United States
President and CEO: Meredith Attwell Baker

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